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Lessons from an Unfinished Knitted Blanket

Well, it's officially the last day on Winter and I have still not finished knitting this blanket!

As I got out all the knitted squares today, to see how far I have to go, it got me thinking about some of the qualities I need to be a knitter, such as......

Patience: Because good things take time and great things - a lot longer! if I want to experience the satisfaction of hand knitted goodies, I need to exercise my patience a lot more than if I was to buy commercially produced goods.

The willingness to start small: To learn & to make mistakes so that I can tackle bigger, more complicated projects in the future.

Organisation: To plan ahead and allow myself the time needed to finish projects so that I can use them before the season changes (unlike my blanket)


Maree Rose said...

I am completely with you on needing those qualities also - I have an unfinished blanket, at least two scarves and a shawl that I have to finish crocheting. And a whole pile of flannel material there for me to make winter pj's for all my friends babies. Now it's too late. At least we will both be a bit more prepared for next winter

Emma said...

Yes, certainly looking forward to using my blanket next winter!