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Cash Purses

About a year ago, we switched to using cash to keep control of our everyday expenses, and it has been working brilliantly for us. The only problem was that the cash would get mixed up in my wallet and I would lose track of how much I had left in each spending category.

Then, last week I was stoked to stumble across this easy Lined Zippered Pouch Tutorial, it was a great project to use up some fabric scraps and solve my little problem of mixed up banknotes.

Now, I divide our money for the week into 4 categories:

Tucker: Groceries, Coffees and Cafe Lunches ( I also pop my drivers licence, eftpos & library card in here)

Good Times: Sewing & knitting supplies, Things for the house, Gardening supplies, DVD hire and  Outings

Mama's Treat's: Clothes, Haircuts, Girls nights out, Makeup and Shoes

The Not-so-Often: Mobile Phone top up, Doctor/ Dentist/ Osteopath appointments, Gifts and the unexpected

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