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This gorgeous Swedish Film 'As it is in Heaven'...... It is a story about Daniel Dareus, a highly acclaimed composer, who moves back to the small village of his childhood when his health suffers as a result of the high demands of being a famous musician.

After some hesitation Daniel takes over the running of the local church choir. Since he is an incredibly creative person he doesn't do things the traditional way. For some, Daniel's ways bring them a joy that they've never known because they are able to break free from the limitations imposed on them from the conservative local church, but for others Daniel is a considered sinner by misleading the members of the choir. The film focuses on the rift he causes in the village and how the community responds when someone decides to break free from tradition.

Unfortunately there wasn't a trailer with English subtitles to be found, but I have put the swedish version up so that you can get a feel for the film.

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