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Book Review: The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson

If you like a good murder mystery, than 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' by Steig Larsson is worth a read.

It started off a bit slow, explaining in detail all the characters and how they connected, but once the action started I was more than happy to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon gripped in suspense!

Be warned though, this Swedish thriller is full of both explicit and gruesome scenes. But is certainly worth pursuing if your stomach can handle it!

This book has also been made into a movie (that I rushed out to see when I finished the book) The movie put the story into pictures brilliantly and was just how I imagined it while reading. It also included some surprising variations from the book to keep it fresh.

I am now looking forward to reading Steig Larsson's other two books "The Girl who Played with Fire" and "The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest"

For a more in depth review about the plot click here

and for the Movie Trailer click here

Etsy Slippers

I am loving my new slippers from Etsy.

Etsy, is like an online craft market selling both handmade and vintage goodies from all over the world. These handmade pure wool slippers are my first purchase and probably won't be the last! I also find myself using Etsy for browsing and getting inspiration for my next craft project.

And, in the spirit of my 365 Days of Nothing New challenge, handmade items are one of the exceptions (thank goodness!)

An Alternative to Expensive Eco Laundry Powder

I am so pleased about my new Live Simply Laundry Balls that I feel like I should  tell everyone I know about them!

You simply use them as an alternative to Laundry Powder. They are free from chemicals and because they last about a year (depending on how much washing you do) you save a lot of money.

Having a baby who wears cloth nappies means that I average a couple of loads a day, so laundry powder is something I go through fairly quickly! I have gone back and forth between cheap brands and expensive eco-friendly brands depending on whether money or the environment were more important to me at the time of shopping. So I was delighted when I came across these laundry balls as I was able to get the best of both worlds!

Check out their website for more

Today I received a phonecall. 
It was friend simply seeing if I was okay. 
She didn't want anything from me at all.
But that little act was what made my day.

My Very First Knitting Project

I am so excited to be knitting my very own scarf for this winter!!

It is a very basic, garter stitch in an aubergine coloured wool. The very helpful lady at my local wool shop said that a chunky lambswool is best for beginners as it knits quicker than finer yarns and doesn't make any little mistakes too obvious!

My Nana showed me the basics, but I also found many tutorials on youtube that I referred to when I needed a refresher.

I am throughly enjoying spending my evenings knitting as I chat to my hubby or watch a movie. And if I leave my knitting on the kitchen counter I even manage to slip in a few stitches during those little snippets of time such as when the kettle is boiling, or Jacinda is happily occupied with her toys.

Now, I just can't wait to finish it!!

Simple Protein Packed Lunch

Since it is shopping day tomorrow and my pantry is looking quite sparse, I had to get creative for lunch today, and was pleasantly surprised at how my throw together lunch turned out.....

I simply cooked up some minced beef, onion, carrots and a jerusalem artichoke

And because it was so full of protein, it kept any mid afternoon sweet cravings at bay.

Outdoor Preschool in Norway

Outdoor Preschool- Norway

I stumbled accross this youtube clip a little while ago, about one of the Outdoor Preschools in Norway.

It was so refreshing to see Children learning in this way, using all of their senses to explore their surroundings. I loved how it was freezing cold yet they got on warm clothing and carried on. I loved how they grew and prepared their own lunches and I loved how they had the physical fitness to climb a mountain with relative ease, without an once of formal physical training - just simple outdoor play

Truly inspiring!

Keep Cups - a small step to make a big difference

I  have a confession to make, I went against my '365 Days of Nothing New' challenge...BUT I did think  long and hard before breaking the rules and decided that since a 'Keep Cup'' would ultimately reduce my waste, it was worth breaking the rules for.

'Keep Cups' are reusable takeaway coffee cups, made in the standard Barista size. They not only reduce waste, but they keep your coffee hotter for longer due to their thermal qualities (kind of like a sleeker version of a thermos!)

We got ours from "Little and Friday" a beautiful deli on Eversleigh Rd, Takapuna that sells great Fairtrade coffee and delicious handmade treats! Dave and I enjoy a stop here on our way to Muriwai for our weekend surf, so now that we have our 'Keep Cups' we can be secure in the knowledge that we are doing our part to reduce the amount of takeaway coffee cups go into landfill everyday.

for more info check out the offical Keep Cup Website