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My Very First Knitting Project

I am so excited to be knitting my very own scarf for this winter!!

It is a very basic, garter stitch in an aubergine coloured wool. The very helpful lady at my local wool shop said that a chunky lambswool is best for beginners as it knits quicker than finer yarns and doesn't make any little mistakes too obvious!

My Nana showed me the basics, but I also found many tutorials on youtube that I referred to when I needed a refresher.

I am throughly enjoying spending my evenings knitting as I chat to my hubby or watch a movie. And if I leave my knitting on the kitchen counter I even manage to slip in a few stitches during those little snippets of time such as when the kettle is boiling, or Jacinda is happily occupied with her toys.

Now, I just can't wait to finish it!!

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