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Keep Cups - a small step to make a big difference

I  have a confession to make, I went against my '365 Days of Nothing New' challenge...BUT I did think  long and hard before breaking the rules and decided that since a 'Keep Cup'' would ultimately reduce my waste, it was worth breaking the rules for.

'Keep Cups' are reusable takeaway coffee cups, made in the standard Barista size. They not only reduce waste, but they keep your coffee hotter for longer due to their thermal qualities (kind of like a sleeker version of a thermos!)

We got ours from "Little and Friday" a beautiful deli on Eversleigh Rd, Takapuna that sells great Fairtrade coffee and delicious handmade treats! Dave and I enjoy a stop here on our way to Muriwai for our weekend surf, so now that we have our 'Keep Cups' we can be secure in the knowledge that we are doing our part to reduce the amount of takeaway coffee cups go into landfill everyday.

for more info check out the offical Keep Cup Website

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