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UPcycling Is The New REcycling

The racks of Op-Shops and Recycled clothing stores are usually lined with dated clothing that looks pretty good for it's age, but I wouldn't want to be seen wearing it!

This is when Upcycling steps in, where you get out your scissors and make that 90's skirt into something fresh, funky and useful. Not only is it fun and thrifty, but Op-Shopping takes on a whole new dimension when you are solely looking at the colour & quality of the fabric instead of the whole garment - which isn't always pretty!

Here are a few Upcycled creations of mine to get you inspired:

A Baggy Op-Shop T-Shirt is now a Bandana Bib that doubles as a Headscarf

Mum's old tea towels have a new life as playful Bunting Flags

and those little bits of ribbon that usually get thrown away are now part of a Taggie Toy!

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