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The Library

Libraries are wonderful!

There are so many resources that they offer for free and are a great place for both adults and children to enrich their minds. 

Here are a few ways that we make use of our local library:

There is of course the usual book borrowing 
I like to get out novels and they even have bestsellers and brand new books - although you do need to pay $5 for a week for the popular ones.

but... I also have a lot of fun getting out non-fiction books such as cookbooks to get new recipe ideas, home decor books if I have a project coming up or books about various baby things if I am dealing with a certain stage not to mention the magazines (new and backcopy) for flicking through which means that I no longer waste my pennies on buying them.

A good way to find books is to look them up on the library website and see what is available. On the North Shore you can request a book via the internet for $1 from any library in the region and it will be delivered to your local library for you to collect. Whenever I hear about a good book or read a rave review I jump on the computer and order it! Brilliant!

Check out the link here if you live on the North Shore

Are available for less than at the DVD shop although I find the selection isn't as great at my local library.

I have memories of going to the Library with my Mum and choosing an array of books and puzzles for the week ahead followed by a play on the playground. A free and easy morning out that I am replicating with my little girl.

I also take Jacinda to the Storytime session once a week. it's free, you don't need to commit to it, it's a good way to meet other children in the area and most importantly Jacinda absolutly loves it!  you can see from the photo below that she already has a passion for books, even if it is only a passion for making a mess with them!

A Quiet Place to Read or Work:
In our active household it can be tricky to find a quiet spot to get into that book you've been meaning to read or get a couple of  hours of work done. So go to the library! it's not only quiet (well, most of the time, I have been the Mother of a noisy baby more than once and you do overhear some loud conversations occasionally!) but you can also plug in your laptop and access the internet via wireless broadband, just like going to an office.

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