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Riding High Above The Waves... Well, Sort Of.

Dave and I have a new weekend activity that we are sooo excited about....... Surfing!

I have always wanted to have a go, as I have always had a love of the ocean, but for some unknown reason it never featured highly on my to-do list.

So, a couple of weeks ago, we dropped Jacinda off at her Grandparents house and headed out to Muriwai Beach on Auckland's West coast for an introductory surfing lesson. What a blast! Beau from the Muriwai Surf School taught us the basics and by the end of the 2 hour lesson I had stood up a few times and was already looking forward to my next surf.

We headed out to the Wild West Coast for the second time this weekend, this time with Jacinda in tow. Dave surfed for a couple of hours while I played with Jacinda at the Playground & walked on the beach, then we swapped over and I got to have the surf that I had been looking forward all fortnight.

Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera. But I have looked through Google images and decided that this photo would be the most like me, falling off almost every wave I caught..... except for the fact that my hired board and wetsuit were hot pink so that I looked like a Surfing Barbie!

I got battered by the strong, messy surf and dumped by the waves so many times that I lost count. But the stressors of daily life felt like a distant memory and my body got an intense workout that I barely noticed until I ran out of the water with that heavy feeling in my muscles that told me just how hard I had worked. And once again I am counting down to my next surf!

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