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Choosing money over sense.......

While reading my Sunday paper this morning I was alarmed to see that McDonald's is now offering meals with WeightWatchers points!

This is so wrong. I feel so much for those poor people who are struggling with their weight and now honestly think a McDonald's meal is going to help them lose weight.

Poor Quality Food does not Promote Weight Loss. McDonald's food is of the lowest quality. It consists of meat, bread and cheese, processed so highly so that there is very little nutrients left. That is why it is so cheap.

Due to this, the food does not fill you up. It leaves your body longing for the nutrients that it needs. The overweight people that order these meals will leave the restaurant unsatisfied and craving sugar - they will be fighting the urge to order a sundae or a chocolate thickshake or thinking that they are weak and lack willpower, when in fact they are STARVING! they are starving their bodies of the nutrients that it needs and deserves.

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