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365 Days of Nothing New

From today, the 25th of March 2010 I am going to challenge myself to go without buying anything new for a whole year. The purpose being to free myself from the mindless consumerism that plays such a big part in our society today and to learn how to be more creative and thrifty with the added bonus of saving a few bucks along the way.

Of course it is not possible to buy absolutely everything new, so here are the rules......

I Will Not Buy New....
Things for the House
Books and Magazines
Baby Clothing
Cards and Wrapping Paper
Sports Equipment

The Exceptions:
Handmade items from Craft Markets
Anything made in New Zealand
Trade Aid
Food and Drink
Toiletries and Make Up
Underwear and Socks
Fabric, Wool and sewing supplies
Optional- Gifts

Other Tidbits:

  • If something breaks, I will not throw it away and buy another. I will fix it.
  • If I no longer require something, I will give it to a friend who does. Failing that, I will give it to the Hospice Shop 
  • I will accept all gifts that are given to me no matter how old or new they are as it is not my intention to make others feel uncomfortable.

I made a start on this today with a few purchases. Firstly a beautiful rimu trolley and blocks from  to put away for Jacinda's 1st birthday present.

And a Winter Coat from Encore on Ponsonby. Encore sells secondhand designer clothing, all the pieces are in pristine condition and most items cost the same as buying new clothing from a chain store....but much more original! 

They also sell pieces for you, as long as they are in top condition. So if you don't like what you bought this season, you can always sell it next season!

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cheriseolivia said...

Great! Hope I can encourage you along the way.