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From Boring Beige to Pretty Pink

My 365 Days of Nothing New Challenge is going pretty well, I have cheated a few times but the majority of the time I am being thoughtful and thrifty with my purchases. 

One of the best things about my challenge is that it inspires me to be resourceful. In the past I would of just bought a new top when I needed one, but in this instance I had to think outside the square.

So, with a packet of fabric dye from the local pharmacy, my old beige top has been transformed into a new pink top!


Dee said...

how cool! i bought a black & white floral dress from the op shop that i'm considering dyeing. i can't decide what to turn the white into though (and whether i'm brave enough or not!!)
thanks for stopping by my blog

ecoMILF said...

genius. didn't know they sold fabric dye at the pharmacy... must keep my eye out! xo m.

Emma said...

Thanks for your comments and for visiting my blog. What I should of mentioned in my post is that it did turn out a little blotchy because I didn't stir it enough, so if you are going to give it a go I would suggest using an item of clothing that won't leave you devastated if it doesn't turn out perfect.