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Embracing Winter

Last Week, when I wrote about T.S Wiley's book 'Lights Out' I touched on living according to the seasons and in particular winter, since we are currently experiencing winter in this part of the world.

The intention of winter is to slow down to rest and restore for the upcoming spring. Many species of plants and animals embrace winter by doing just that, bears hibernate, trees stop producing fruit but in the western world there is rarely any difference in the way we work and live when the season changes.

This got me thinking...... what are some ways that I can embrace winter and live according to it's restful nature?

Firstly, I believe that it is important to eat according to the seasons, our bodies are not built to eat summer  fruits in August, that's why you won't find them on the tree in the backyard. Instead, I need to follow natures lead and eat what it has provided for us. By growing my own vegetables or shopping at the farmers market this is a simple task, but as that is not always possible in the age of convenience we live in, I need to make the effort to learn what vegetables nature provides for us and eat accordingly.

As for our daytime activities, this term Jacinda and I have had a pretty quiet schedule in order to differentiate from the other seasons. We have stopped the swimming classes she was doing over the warmer months and have left open the other days for casual outings such as Library story time, going to the playground or meeting up with friends for a play. This leaves us plenty of leeway to have a quite day at home to rest if the weather is nasty or either one of us isn't feeling 100%.

And as for the evenings, I naturally prefer to stay warm and cosy indoors to read, watch movies, have long soaks in the bath, knit, sew, chat over a cup of tea etc... I do still enjoy a late night out with the girls, but the majority of the time I will embrace the restful nature of the wintertime. And of course.......look forward to the spring! 

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