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"Be the Change you Want to See In the World" Mahatma Gandhi

I read this quote a couple of days ago, in a different context, but it got me thinking........

Everyday there is a little girl watching Dave and I. She is absorbing everything that we do, say, feel and think. When I do something as simple as hanging out the laundry, she is by my side handing me the pegs because she wants to be 'Just like Mama' when I talk, she babbles away and tries to copy some of my words, even laughing 'Because Mama did'

But when there is something on the horizon that is making my heart race and my anxiety levels sore, she clings to my leg because Mama in not at ease. Then, when I lose my temper she bursts into tears and drops to the floor devastated because in her innocent little mind, she has done nothing wrong, she can't understand why the person she has complete faith in has suddenly become full of haste towards her without reason.

Children learn from example, I look at myself I see traits from both my Mother and my Father and it makes me wonder what am I teaching my child? Am I teaching her how to live a calm, peaceful and balanced life, regardless of adversity or a chaotic, unbalanced life that can be thrown off-center by circumstances? All I need to do is set the example for her learn from.

I must admit, I am usually on the more calm and peaceful side of the equation, but the times when chaos does strike I want to be able to "Be the Change I want to See in the World" so that one day, when I am old and grey I can sit back and watch my girl being that change.


Sarah said...

So very beautifully written and so true too. I am so aware of my children watching and learning from the examples we set before them. One of the hardest aspects of parenting is continually striving to model the behaviour we would like to see from our children. At times, when pushed to exhaustion and with little time to rest, it is hard to do this - but I'm learning more and more to accept my failings for blips along an otherwise smooth path and teach my children how to apologise through my own pleas for their forgiveness when I raise my voice a little too loud :)

Best wishes x

Emma said...

Thank you for visiting my blog Sarah, I agree with you completely x