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Jerusalem Artichokes

Jerusalem Artichokes haven't been the prettiest looking vegetable to grace our dinner table this winter but we have enjoyed the unique taste of these knobbly tubers. They can be cooked the same way you like your potatoes, my favourite being either roasted or fried in butter.

And on the health front, they are one of the better tubers to eat as they are surprisingly low in starch. Starch is very high in fellow tubers Potatoes and Yams (Kumaras are lower) and can have the same effect on blood sugar as refined grains and sugar.

As I am finding it hard to describe the taste of Jerusalem Artichokes to you because they are unlike anything I have tasted before, the best I can do is ...... Nutty, with the texture of a potato. I guess you will really have to try them yourself!

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ecoMILF said...

i've been meaning to try these forever... will keep an eye out. xo m.