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They Just Don't Make Them Like They Used Too......

After a very long and frustrating shopping trip last week searching for toddlers shoes I was starting to sound like my Grandmother, shaking my head and saying "They just  don't make them like they used to..."

What we were searching for was something like this...

A little pair of covered in shoes with hard soles for walking in and made from leather to keep little feet dry.

These were my very first shoes, a pair of 'Jumping Jacks' that I wore as a little girl. Jacinda has been wearing them lately, but sadly they are getting a bit tight.

We searched far and wide, in all price ranges, but all we found were canvas shoes and Mary Jane or ballet style shoes that didn't cover the top of the foot. I did consider Gumboots, but since Jacinda is on the smaller side, there weren't any in her size.

We came home from our shopping expedition empty handed, but I did look online and found a little pair of leather boots with rubber soles from Hoof. They don't look quite as beautiful as her vintage 'Jumping Jacks' but they will do the important job of keeping her little toes toasty warm and dry this winter.

If you do know anywhere that sells quality children's shoes I would love to know.

Emma x


Nikki Noo Noo said...

These are really good baby/toddler shoes however they are rather pricey

Emma said...

Thanks for your feedback Nikki,
We did try on a pair of the bobux shoes and they looked like really good quality. But I agree with you, a bit pricey for something that will only last a season.