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Involving Toddlers in the Kitchen

At 21 months, Jacinda is starting to show a desire for Independence and to 'help' with everything that I do. This can be a challenge when it comes to what I call my weekly 'bake and make' time when I prepare our snacks for the week ahead. When possible, I let her be involved by standing on a chair next to the bench and playing with some of the ingredients or pressing the button on the food processor (which, by the way is a great thrill!) but sometimes it is just too dangerous for her to be within reach of the bench space, such as when knives or hot things are part of the process, when this is the case a tantrum is never far away because she is too little to understand why it is that she can't help Mama.

Today, I gave Jacinda a couple of bowls, a wooden spoon and some dry ingredients (we used lentils and rice because they are inexpensive and easy to clean up) and she had a blast mixing them up and pouring them from bowl to bowl while I made some of our good ole' favourites......

Sesame Crackers to have with almond butter or the pumpkin & kumara dip I bought today

Avocado Deviled Eggs  for afternoon tea today and

Cocoa and Coconut Snacks  for lunchboxes this week

Any other ideas out there for safely involving toddlers in the kitchen??

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