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Loving......Etsy Rainwear.

Last year, when I was in New York during their 'Fall' we had a few rainy days. The people of Manhattan don't have the luxury of driving everywhere in their cars, many of them commute on foot even when the rain is falling, and I have to hand it to them, they do so very fashionably! with funky rain coats, gumboots and umbrellas.

Here's a snippet of some Etsy finds that remind me of New Yorkers in the rain.......

Vintage Rain Coat from Max and ChiChi

 Yellow Rain Jacket from Todos Los Dias Grises

Pink Rain Coat from Just Kitsch

Vintage Umbrella from Vandylee Vintage

Vintage Waterproof Black Rubber Wellies from Vintage Darling

Happy Rainy Days!

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