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From Old T-Shirt to Dolly Sling (No Sewing Required!)

Only 7 more weeks now until Jacinda becomes a Big Sister! 

She loves playing with her Dolly, she also loves imitating me! So, I am getting her prepared for our new arrival by showing her the ways I'll be caring for her new brother or sister, and giving her some little handmade items, such as this sling, so that she can 'Copy Mama' by looking after her baby too.    

You Will Need:
  • A old, adult sized T-Shirt or Singlet, in a stretch material (to avoid fraying and make putting dolly into the sling easy for little ones)
  • Scissors

To Make:
  • Place the T-Shirt on a flat surface and cut off the neckline and sleeves so that you are left with only the body.

  • Choose a side seam and cut down either side so that you are left with a single layer of fabric.

  • Place the Fabric diagonally around your toddlers chest and back, securing with a knot on the shoulder. Adjust if needed.

  • Pop Dolly in the sling for a cuddle!


Heather said...

How fun for her to have her own sling for her "baby" just like Mama - even more special that it is handmade too. ;-)

Kirsty said...

Such a sweet big sister she'll be. Lovely "get ready" pressie.

planettreasures said...

What a great idea! I'm sure she'll find lots of other uses for it too!