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A Stitch in Time....

I have wanted to learn to sew for awhile now. I learnt a few basic skills while at School which I forgot pretty quickly because I didn't apply them. But then, about a year ago something inside of me wanted to create simple clothing and useful things for around the house.

Maybe it was because I could rarely find what I wanted in the shops. I would have a picture in my head of what I wanted that the items on the shelf failed to live up to, or maybe it was the creative inspiration I got from going to craft markets and picking up original handmade things that had been lovingly made by someone with a genuine passion for craft instead of someone forced to work behind a sewing machine at a factory for the minimum wage. Or maybe it was the joy I got from receiving gorgeous hand knitted cardigans for my baby from my Nana and realising that by the time I had Great-Grandchildren this art may have died out.

So, I have gone ahead and bought a very basic sewing machine off Trade Me. My Nana gave me a couple of lessons to get me started and to date I have completed 3 projects, made LOADS of mistakes including wonky seams, jammed up treads on the machine and wasted fabric from cutting in out wrong.

Here are 2 of my Completed Projects:

Patchwork Duvet Cover made from scraps of material in my Mum's sewing box.......

.....and a girly dress for Jacinda

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