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A Different Sort of Advent Calender

I spent a bit of time today preparing Jacinda's first ever Advent Calender for the rapidly approaching month of December.

I was delighted to find these mini stockings in a local gift shop and am excited that we can re-use them for many years to come, as well as fill them up with healthy treats that Jacinda will love.  So-far I have popped in some tasty Frooze Balls (made from dried fruit and nuts), dried pineapple and some pretty hair ties.

If anybody else has Advent Calender ideas I would love to hear them.


Heather said...

One thing that my boys have always enjoyed in their advent calendar is when I write fun activities on a bit of paper and tuck that in the pockets. So the activity might be to go skating or bake gingerbread men or make a craft. It is something they look forward to.

Emma said...

Cool idea! will remember that for next year.