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Single Dish Roasts

Roast Lamb with Pumpkin, Jerusalem Artichokes and Beetroot

The onset of wintry evenings and our desire to eat natural wholefoods has led us to having lots of yummy roast dinners!

I previously avoided roasts as I had the preconception that they were difficult to make and involved lots of washing up afterwards. That was until I discovered how to do a delicious and easy 'single dish roast', we now have them a couple of times a week and the leftovers make a fantastic breakfast or lunch too.

Here's how.....
1. Pre-heat oven to 180 C
2. Put Meat in a large lasagna dish and leave to cook for 30mins
3. Add your choice of vegetables, giving them a toss in the meat juices
4. Place back into the oven for 1 hour


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