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Playground Pants

The arrival of cooler, wetter weather also means damp and muddy playgrounds!

Jacinda loves to go on the swing and crawl around on the grass, and I don't want to stop her fun just because her pants are getting wet and I read somewhere once "There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing" and I couldn't agree more, I would much rather have her play outside in the cold wearing warm clothing then stay inside getting bored and grumpy. So I made her these waterproof pants to put on over her usual pants to keep them clean and her cosy. 

I thought upcycling a parka from the op shop would be ideal, but since I couldn't find one, and this was a project I needed to get done quickly, I went for a lightweight nylon.

Here's how......

1. Make a fold in some waterproof fabric.

2. Using another pair of pants as a guide, fold in half and outline with a marker. Remember to make it a bit bigger to allow for seams and the extra room needed when wearing over another pair of pants.

3. Cut out the piece of fabric you have just outlined.

4. Pin your cut out piece onto the fabric and cut out another identical piece.

5. Pin the two pieces together with the right sides facing each other.

6. Sew down each side seam, backstitching at each end.

7. Sew the inseam, backstitching at each end.

8. Use pinking shears to trim the seam allowance.

9. With the wrong side of the pants facing you, fold up 1/2 inch at the bottom of each leg and press (remember to use a low setting on the iron due to the synthetic fabric). Then fold up another 1/2 inch and press. Pin along the folded edge.

10. Machine stitch the folded-under edge, backstitching at beginning and end.

11. With the wrong side facing you. Fold over 1/2 inch at the waist and press. Then fold over 1 inch and press again. Pin along the folded edge.

12. Making sure to leave an opening for the elastic, machine stitch the folded over waist edge, backstitching at beginning and end.

13. Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic and thread through the waistband by pushing it over the pin and inching it forward. Make sure to keep the other end of the elastic free from the fabric.

14. Lay one end of the elastic on top of the other and machine stitch together

15. Slip the elastic inside the waistband and machine stitch the opening closed, backstitching at beginning and end.

16. Time to go outside and play!


Hayley Pearce said...

Emma.. I've just been nosy and looked at your blog. These pants are BRILLIANT> I'm going to make some for Sylvie straight away. x

Emma said...

Yay! both you and Sylvie will love them.

cheriseolivia said...

Cute Emma! I was inspired last time we spoke and have just about finished some for the boys. Like you, I was going to use an old raincoat but couldn't find anything suitable so off to Spotlight. Hopefully Finny will have them for Monday morning creche.